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Auto Part Injection Mould

Generally speaking, the production of one vehicle involves the utilization of over 300 auto part injection moulds. These precise auto accessory moulds are the essential parts to dashboard, handle and steering wheel, etc. Obviously, the precision and rigidity of automotive plastic components are critical to the quality and performance of an automobile.

Kelon has led the way with the astonishing development in quality auto part injection mould, providing one-step OEM solution to all challenging applications. Based on over 20-year experience in automotive part mould processing sector, we bring our significant reputation for efficient production and affordable price to customers in automatic industry.

1. Mold flow analysis is conducted in accordance with desired functions and structures.
2. We use professional mould design software such as UG and Pro Engineer, etc. Vivid 3D design sketch is available for your reference.
3. We take advantage of CAE simulation technique in the process of press forming for defect prediction, whereby optimizing pressing process and structure of auto part injection mould in a fast and cost effective manner.

We take pride in serving top automotive leaders, BMW, Renault S.A., Ford, Volkswagen and Honda, to name a few. Demanding requirements from these discerning partners certainly drive us to be more competent in terms of availability and versatility.


  • Honda auto door mould
  • Honda auto door handle mould
  • Honda auto center console mould
  • Ford steering wheel support mould
  • Ford auto dashboard mould
  • Ford auto instrument panel A mould
  • Ford auto instrument panel B mould
  • Ford auto instrument panel C mould
  • Honda auto door interior mould
  • Honda auto door handle mould
  • Auto dashboard mould sample
  • Auto front grille sample

  • Auto compressor cover sample
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