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Jason Huang
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Stamping die: Fred Huang/John Qiu/Terry Qiu;
Injection mould: Lego Huo/Oliver Huang

Home Appliance Injection Mould

The home appliance injection mould is one of the biggest demands in plastic injection mould manufacture. Large refrigerator, TV, mobile phone and remote control, almost everything appears in your daily life requires plastic appliance moulds. We have the expertise in producing all manner of daily appliance precise moulds variable in precision, rigidity and insulative property, etc.

We are the affiliated enterprise of Hisense Electronics, which is one of the three largest white goods suppliers in China. Hisense extensive product range comprises communication devices, broadcasting equipment and commercial appliances including TV, air conditioner, kitchen appliances and financial terminal devices, etc.

We take the pride in being part of plastic injection mould OEM design and manufacture of Hisense. We strive to bring better brand effect to Hisense by supplying unrivalled home appliance injection mould. If you need to development something challenging, please feel free to contact us. Our competent engineers surely will tackle your problematic bottlenecks.


  • Refrigerator frame mould
  • Refrigerator panel mould
  • Refrigerator shelf mould
  • Refrigerator guide rail mould
  • Refrigerator vent cover mould
  • Fan mould
  • Air-conditioner base mould
  • Air-conditioner panel mould
  • Vacuum cleaner handle mould
  • Vacuum cleaner base mould
  • Compressor rear lid mould
  • Dryer mounting base mould
  • Dryer connector mould
  • Portable cleaner handle mould
  • Refrigerator compressor cover mould
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