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Auto Part Stamping Die

The number of auto part stamping die for one automobile is about 1,000 which shares 80% of the total parts. Apparently, stamping die design and manufacture play a significant role in determining quality and production efficiency of hardware stamping products. In addition, different automotive parts require various properties and functionalities. Therefore, this intricate job is only for highly competent supplier.

Kelon is one of these highly competent suppliers of auto part stamping die. We have over 20-year experience collaborating with automotive enterprises including BMW, Ford and Volkswagen, etc. Currently, our extensive service covers auto covering parts, auto support parts and normal stamping parts. In according to function, structure and material requirements, we provide blanking die, bending die, draw die and forming die, etc.


  • Auto chassis cover die
  • Auto support die
  • Auto holder die
  • Tank cover die
  • Engine exhaust hood die
  • Auto chassis support die
  • Auto motor retaining bracket die
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