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Stamping die: Fred Huang/John Qiu/Terry Qiu;
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    1. Auto Part Stamping DieCurrently, our extensive service covers auto covering parts, auto support parts and normal stamping parts. In according to function, structure and material requirements, we provide blanking die, bending die, draw die and forming die, etc.
    1. Kitchen Appliance Stamping DieCorrespondingly, the kitchen appliance stamping die is supposed to possess high polishing property and outstandingly precise edge. Kelon solves this problem technologically and economically. We apply high precision Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) technique to die surface treatment, resulting in mirror-like surface and cooling effect.
    1. Other Stamping Die

      Several factors will be evaluated before design stamping die, including tolerances, cost benefit analysis ...

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Stamping Die Design and Manufacturing

Kelon is the specialist in stamping die design and manufacturing. Stamping die is the technology-intensive product which is critical to metal stamping production. Proper die design can mean huge difference in die quality, production efficiency and maintenance cost. Our strong points to customers are assisting in their beginning design with what is feasible in structure and processing.

We have 20-year experience in stamping die design and manufacturing, which enables us to provide a vast array of products such as blanking die, bending die, draw die, emboss die, one hit forming die, compound die, stage tooling and progressive die. Comprehensive solution is designed to exceed customer expectation. Moreover, our efforts have been emphasized on developing more efficient and cost effective OEM solution, so that customers benefit from reduced delivery cycle and unparalleled quality.