Add.: No. 11, Ronggang road, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel.: +86-757-28362326
Fax: +86-757-28362305
Contact Person (Charger)
Marketing Manager:
Jason Huang
Marketing Salesmen:
Stamping die: Fred Huang/John Qiu/Terry Qiu;
Injection mould: Lego Huo/Oliver Huang

Design Ability

Human resource
We are equipped with 6 professional mould design teams, including 90 workers, among which there are 15 exclusive inspectors and 8 with master degree. From concept to finished product, we have competent personnel covered every single step in between, including mould design, processing and flow analysis. We produce OEM moulds exceeding customers' expectation.

Cutting edge tools
We take advantage of specialized design software such as UG, AutoCAD, CATIA and Moldflow, etc. Defect inspection and analysis can be conducted in a more efficient and cost effective manner. As a result, our plastic injection moulds and stamping dies are free from wrinkles and unbalanced flow, etc.

Advanced management system
We have introduced progressive management system IM3 tailored for mould enterprises. With the aid of this smart system, we avail from unparalleled efficiency in customer order handling, control on mould processing plan and workshop, as well as management on quality and inventory.

The Plan Control module functions on the basis of procedures in every mould processing. It interprets each abstract procedure into intuitive time point. As a result, the intricate mould processing can be managed in a holistic approach via the control on each time point.

The Workshop Control module consists of Production Management and Workshop Operation. This module explains every detail of each procedure and sets the working schedule in accordance with standard labor time to restrain worker operation, thus promoting efficiency and quality.