Add.: No. 11, Ronggang road, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel.: +86-757-28362326
Fax: +86-757-28362305
Contact Person (Charger)
Marketing Manager:
Jason Huang
Marketing Salesmen:
Stamping die: Fred Huang/John Qiu/Terry Qiu;
Injection mould: Lego Huo/Oliver Huang

Processing Ability

Continuous workflow
Primary drawings can be from our designers or directly from customers. After meticulous analysis, the passed drawings are transferred to mould craftsmen for setting processing techniques. Special techniques are available to custom-engineered moulds. Each mould is processed and assembled in one house. Our technicians and operatives are working tunefully together to maximize quality and accuracy.

Stringent testing
We pay tremendous attention to material quality and processing effects, especially heat treatment to steel materials, because this means huge difference in mould lifespan. Moreover, every finished mould will be sent to testing labs for inspection and measurements. Skilled artisans and mechanics conduct die assembly complying with standard tolerance.

Moulds are verified to perform to customer expectation in mould testing workshop. After that, qualified moulds will receive surface treatment for corrosion resistance. Then it comes to package. Our traditional package method is wooden case. Other methods are available upon request.

  • High speed CNC machining center
  • CNC machining equipment
  • Graphite electrode processing center
  • CNC gantry machining equipment
  • Three-dimensional CNC deep hole
    drilling machine
  • Dual-head electric discharge
  • AGIE EDM group
  • Vacuum quench furnace
  • Mitsubishi 1300T injection molding
  • 650T gantry hydraulic press
  • Pressing machine
  • Sodick AQ400L CNC wire-cut EDM