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Tel.: +86-757-28362326
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Contact Person (Charger)
Marketing Manager:
Jason Huang
Marketing Salesmen:
Stamping die: Fred Huang/John Qiu/Terry Qiu;
Injection mould: Lego Huo/Oliver Huang

Why Us

Kelon is currently the largest and most professional manufacturer of plastic injection mould and stamping die in China. We have over 20-year industrial experience in design and production of plastic injection and stamping dies. It is our commitment to provide one-step services covering the entire workflow from concept building to comprehensive OEM/ODM solutions.

Mould design and development
Our mould design is conducted on the basis of product function and application requirements. Our design team is divided into 6 groups including 90 technicians. We have 20-year industrial experience and keep highest conformation to advanced international technology by complying with HASCO and DME mould design standards.

Mould flow analysis
Our mould flow engineers steel themselves through countless projects, so they are able to apply professional mould flow analysis software Moldflow and CATIA to achieve precise simulation of injection molding, on the basis of which they verify and better the primary design. Therefore, feasibility is determined in the very first place, whereby minimizing cost on time and investment for customers.

Mould production
In our workshop, there are a total of more than 100 machines including all kinds of CNC machining equipment, heat treatment machines, EDM and wire-cut equipment. Moreover, over 80% of our employees possess 10-year industrial experience in mould manufacture.

We are joined with about 100 professional mechanics for mould assembly with average 15-year industrial experience. Customers benefit from unparalleled assembly service at affordable price and efficiency.